May 7, 2009

We made it!!

We're Here! And we have Comfort. Thanks for praying, next we go to the embassy and we're waiting to hear back from the Docotor at Korle Bu Hospital..... I miss my family and tomorrrow is Nathan's birthday!!!! Happy birthday Natie, mommy loves you! 


Rochelle said...

Yeah!!! Our prayers are with you for a speedy return!!!

Love you!
The shinoda's

Rog Fam said...

Were so Thankful that you are together!!
Hope you are feeling better. Praying for health and that you come back WITH all the kids quickly!! We look forward to the next post. Well love you lots

Watson said...

Dear Lanae & Kids,So glad you are all together now.
Will be happy soon to say, "Welcome Home Pearson Family"
Grandma & Grandpa Watson
& Great-Grandma & Grandpa Bentz

Sheri K said...

Can't believe you already have her. So her Mother came to get her and now she's happy! Praying for you all. Kenna says, "I hope you all come home safe and sound. May God be with you. Love Kenna"

We are Grateful!!! said...

So glad you are together. We have been praying and will continue.
God Bless!!!
Tami E.