May 11, 2009

Shopping Day

The sights, the smells, the sounds, the heat, WOW, what an assault on all your senses.
Once again, check out Laurel's blog for pictures of our shopping day. It's impossible to take pictures while carrying Comfort so Laurel is taking most of the pictures. It's so funny that all the women in the market point and stare because I'm carrying Comfort and she is too old to be carried according to them.
One lady angrily yelled at Daniel 'Who's child is this with this white woman?' and Daniel thought quick and said 'it is my child' and then she said 'this child is enjoying this woman' meaning that Comfort was taking advantage of me and obviously I was not figuring it out and just going along with it and did Daniel really want his child to be so spoiled?
Daniel has been really great, and yes he did ask if we could adopt him and even offered to do all his own paperwork! How funny! He is the same age as my son Ryan and I would actually adopt him into our family if we could. He's a very sweet boy who loves God.
The market was a great experience and I would go back there anytime. I loved it!


Sheri K said...

Glad to hear so many positive moments to go along with those that are challenging.

We continue to pray. God is a wonderful God.

Tiffany said...

I am overwhelmed every time I "catch up" on your days. God is so good! We are praying and can't wait until you are home!

Sheri K said...

We are praying about the "simple" signature. Do you have B&J yet?

Keep up the good work. You're doing great.

Good news about the I600 -- does that cover all 3 kids?


Tamarah said...

Sorry I haven't been on here much... not feeling so well and the weird thing is reading makes me more sick! Anyways I've been spoiled getting to talk to Mark everyday and getting a probably close to accurate update! I'm very excited about your progress and we are all still praying... even your lil Cassidy! She keeps asking if your on the plane yet, I have to tell her no but I give her updated prayer request and she is diligent to pray! We all miss you very much and can't wait for your arrival! Love You Tamarah

Tamarah said...