May 16, 2009

It's my Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday! This morning Daniel, Evans and Kumi were so excited to wish me a Happy Birthday that they called at 6 AM! I am really missing my family and friends on my birthday, but I'm happy to be here getting everything done. The thing I'm really missing is a cake. Cake is actually one of my favorite foods so when I get back maybe I'll get a cake. (If you are part of my family and you are reading this please take note of the last sentence)
Today we are visiting an orphanage a couple hours from Accra. Laurel knows someone from Bellingham who volunteers at this orphanage and she wants to go visit her and see the orphanage. This evening we have been invited to my friend Kafui's house for dinner. She has two little girls and her and her husband lived in Philadelphia and California for 10 years before returning to Ghana.
Yesterday we accomplished a lot, however we still did not receive Brian's passport. We did the girls medicals so they are all finished and ready to get their visas. It was funny to watch the doctor listen to Comfort's heart. He was quite surprised that it sounded so bad. Thankfully we have all the medical papers and the letter from Seattle Children's about her surgery so it wasn't a problem. At first he wanted to do more tests but I assured him they had all been done and that she would get excellent medical care as soon as we get to America.
Please pray that we receive Brian's passport on Monday so we can go to the embassy to our Visa interview. We still have to do Brian's medical once we receive his passport, but that only takes a day or two at the most. We have accomplished so much in such a short time, but it still seems so slow! It's like a roller coaster ride! We accomplish one thing then can't go any further because we don't have a passport so then we're stuck. It can be very frustrating but we see God at work always.
Hope to see everyone soon!


Sheri K said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm sure you will have all the cake you want when you return. And all the people you could wish for to celebrate with you.

I'm sorry for the ups and downs. You're hanging in there and, as you do, I know God will be victorious over ALL.

Tell Brian, Josephine & Comfort
"Howdy" from the Knox's. There was a guy on the beach today that the girls decided was a cowboy, because he said "howdy" to them and talked with a southern drawl.

We miss you all (even though we haven't yet met the kids!) and our prayers are continually with you.

Sheri for the Knox's

Watson said...

Don't worry Lanae.... We'll do our best to see that you get all the FROSTING you might want when you get home.
Tell the kiddies "HI" from us.
Good luck on Monday.
Take care & stay safe
Judy & Gary

Tamarah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so excited for you to be so close!!! :) I'm going slightly crazy not being able to talk to you because my first Ob Apt was yesterday! Pics, cake and info are waiting for you:) o ya and a cute lil granddaughter that misses you very much! Praying for third and final passport.!

Love Tamarah

Salzwedel Family said...

Happy Birthday! Praying all of your obstacles are cleared and a homecoming will be soon.

Lois said...

Happy Birthday! Give the kids gs for me, and I know the passport will be there monday, hang in there!

Lois said...

I'll try again, give the kids HUGS for me ;)

Steve and Narda said...

Happy Birthday!! We are thinking of you often and hope you can bring those sweet children home VERY soon!