May 14, 2009


We have had sporadic Internet so I thought I would do a quick blog to let everyone know what has happened so far:
We arrived Thursday night and picked up Comfort
We filed the I600 at US Embassy and then went to Korle Bu Hospital Friday
We took last important paper to the US Embassy Monday
We drove to Luckyhill to pick up Brian and Josephine Tuesday and on the way we received the call that the I600 was finished and approved!!! We also received Josephines passport while at Luckyhill.
We picked up Comfort's passport today!!! Still waiting for Brian's. We went to the US Embassy and picked up the packet to start the Visa medicals on the girls and will start Brian's as soon as we get his passport. We also went back to Korle Bu today to get the bloodwork results on Comfort but they have no computers or filing system so they couldn't find them.
Tomorrow we do medicals on the girls and hopefully we will pick up Brian's passport and also do his medical.
Once the medicals are done we go back to the Embassy for our Visa appointment.
Oh, the lady at the Visa window in the US Embassy that I've been working with told me today that as a child she had a heart defect!!! Isn't God amazing? She was so concerned about Comfort because she can relate. Wow.
Thanks for your prayers!!


Steve and Narda said...

So wonderful to hear. It is such a miracle to see your paperwork processed so quickly. It so helps to have such wonderful people doing so many things to help with the process. I can't imagine ever being able to have done the process alone. So many wonderful people.

Praying for a swift return and the health of comfort. Enjoy every minute of your stay as it sounds like it could be over all too soon.

How I miss Luckyhill and the kids.

Watson said...

What a gift to have Comfort, Josephine & Brian to share it with.Another gift is Brian's passport. Hope you get it tomorrow.
We look forward to you coming home & all your children being together, not to mention home to my dear son.
The end is in sight & soon you will be winging your way back to America & home.
Take care, travel safely & see you soon.
Grandma & Grandpa Watson & Great-Grandma & Grandpa Bentz

Jen said...

I am praying for that last passport so you can get home. Thanks for the update. So many people are praying for you all...


Kristin Jag said...


BentzBunch said...

You are all on our minds and in our prayers.
Your hospital stories made me cry. We are so unaware of the world around us.
Please thank your friend for us, for going with you. She is precious, and Daniel as well.
Does Brian know he has a Great Uncle as his namesake? :)
Love you so much,

Sheri K said...

We're praying for you and the kids and Laurel. Also for both of your families here in the states. God is working his wondrous ways.