May 25, 2009


Grandpa with his new grandkids!
Josephine on her first slide

Comfort is happy!!

We are home!!!! The flight went well, the kids did really great even after 25 hours travel time. When we arrived in Seattle we were held up in immigration because the kids medicals were left out of our packets. It was really freaky because the immigration officers would not tell me what was going on they just set my file aside and said there was a problem and they were waiting for a supervisor. We waited almost 3 hours until every other passenger had been helped then, after sneaking into the bathroom with my cell phone to call Mark who was waiting upstairs with my family and lots of friends and asking him to have everyone pray, they finally came to me and told me that the medicals were missing. Thankfully I had the receipt from Akai House Clinic and I assured them that I had given them the medicals and that they would not have issued their visas without them. Truthfully I think it was only the prayer that got us through because they had a total change of heart and treated me completely different after everyone prayed. It was pretty amazing. One more mountain that Our Lord and Saviour moved.

It was so great to get cleared through immigration and head up the escalator to see all of my family and friends cheering!!!

Now we are safely and happily together as a family. I am so happy to see my wonderful husband, to see my amazing kids, to sleep in my really comfy bed, to eat American food, to not be sweating and actually be chilly, to know that medical help is only a phone call away, and the best part is to see my children all together. This is how it is suppose to be.

While I was gone my amazing husband continued to work 10-12 hour days, kept the kids on track with school and chores, and did lots of special things to make the house nice for me when I came home. He even redecorated the bedroom with a beautiful new duvet cover and reading lamp for me. Oh, and did I mention that he painted the house? I really am married to an amazing man.

Everyone is adjusting really well. Brian was so happy to meet his new brothers Ryan, Tyler and Nathan and he and Nathan have been having a great time on the trampoline. The girls were really happy to see sister Kelcey and sister Maggie again and they LOVE Cassidy.

I know there are people who are waiting for details about our last day and how we miraculously got our medicals and visas within 3 1/2 hours, so I will post that next time! It is a moving mountains story!!

Also please be praying for us tomorrow, we will be at Children's Hospital at 9 AM with Comfort.

Glad to be home,



Kristin Jag said...

WELCOME HOME!!!What an ordeal at immigration-phew! It took us over an hour and I thought that was long! Your husband is such a great man to do all of that while you were gone. Paint???Wow!! I wish you the most wondeful first week as you settle in!

Lois said...

So glad to see pictures of the kids home safe and sound! You were tested to the last minute weren't you?!

We are Grateful!!! said...

I am praising God, crying and ready to go do a dance too!!! (so thankful for all the Lord's answers through this). Can't wait to hear more and we will continue to pray for Comfort.

Sheri K said...

We're glad you're home too! I didn't realize Mark had painted the house. I guess he really was missing you if he had all that extra energy.

Thank you God for your good work in forming this family that you have known about from the beginning of time. Can't say enough about how good God is.

We are praying for Comfort's peace tomorrow and for the doctor to know exactly what to do and when.


Salzwedel Family said...

Glad you are home and your family is all together. It is so hard to be apart. Praying for your whole family and specifically Comfort's health.

Steve and Narda said...

So good to see the kids on American soil!! We are so happy for you and your family.

Adrienne said...

Your story is amazing and your faith is remarkable. Thank you for sharing your story it gives me strength as we look to start our Ghana adoption journey.

Steve and Narda said...

Lilly (Saviour) already wants to know when she can come visit comfort. She doesn't quite understand how big America is still.

Kristin Jag said...

It was SO great to meet you in person today after our phone conversations! Comfort is so sweet and I can't wait to get to know her and your family better!

Violet said...

I am so happy your kids are home!

My name is Violet. I have been following your blog for a couple months, found you through Laurel D.

I live in Washington too, and it is my dream to adopt. It has been a blessing to watch you walk this road.

PRaying for you all, and specifically for comfort as she heads the road to healing her heart.

Jeanie said...

Lanae - I have been following your story on the adoptingfromghana Yahoo group (I was VERY upset to see the misunderstandings - tensions seemed to be so high with everyone involved). I came across your blog address this morning and saw that yesterday was your day to take Comfort to Children's Hospital. She has continued in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope all went well yesterday. I will eagerly watch for good news on your blog! :) By the way, Laurel's blog post detailing your trip to Korle-Bu resulted in my having made contact with an organization dedicated to helping the kids there. They put me in touch with a doctor there, and I now have several suitcases full of medical supplies to bring to them (most from a local hospital, and we are also buying some additional equipment.) We're hoping to go to Ghana in the next week or two. So, Comfort's visit to the hospital in Accra will directly result in some help for the other pediatric patients as well - I just you might like to know the effect Comfort had! :)