May 11, 2009

Monday at the Embassy

Today we met the orphanage director at the embassy and he had the exact paper that we needed so we went right in (which is odd because usually your have to have an appointment but they just opened the doors and let us right in without taking our names or asking why we were there) and gave them the paper. They have been working hard on this and even called the orphanage to get information on the weekend! They are expecting to get things finished very quickly and then we will have our visa appointment.
Now we just need the passports. Josephine's is finished and we were told that Brian and Comfort's were also finished, but they were given to them without a signature so they had to go back to get the signature. If that's true, how long can that take? I can sign something in about 10 seconds............
Tomorrow we go to the orphanage to get Brian and Josephine and then we will start the visa process as soon as we get the ok from the embassy.
Please continue to pray for those passports and a quick turnaround at the embassy.
Interesting side note: Yesterday when I was almost killed in a taxi and had to get a different one, the one that I got into had air conditioning!!! That is a really big deal here and is the first taxi I have ridden in with A/C and for Comfort it is really a necessity. She cannot tolerate the heat. I took his number and he is our official driver now. He was with us for 6 hours today and waited at every stop so we could get right back in the A/C. So God used a blown out tire in a junker taxi to provide what we really needed, a car with A/C. Our God is an awesome God!!


Watson said...

YES, sounds like things are finally coming together. Know you'll be delighted to have all the children together.
Looking forward to hearing "we're coming home"! Take care & enjoy that A.C.
What a wonderful birthday present.
Hoping to see you all soon.
Grandma & Grandpa Watson

The Hullingers said...

I am glad you are receiving some tender mercies. I know you will be so happy to have all of the kids together again, and to finally bring them home!

Kristin Jag said...

Prayin for the passports and praising for the A/C!!!