Dec 11, 2010


Its official! She really is the cutest!! Our grand baby Kylah just had her first birthday and she is so precious. She also loves to eat, especially cake...just like grandma :)
Kylah's birth was such a blessing to us. Not only was it great to have another grand daughter, but it was a real time of healing for Brian and Josephine to be able to see sister Tamarah go through a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. They both have some real trauma associated with having a baby (I won't share the details, but it was bad, lots of late night talks and crying about this subject) and I know that God planned Kylah for just the right time. Just last week Kylah was hugging and kissing Brian and he was beaming, of course she was ONLY hugging and kissing him and refused everyone else.
Happy Birthday our little Princess! We love you!!

Nov 4, 2010

No One Built the Ark!

I will be updating soon with lots of pictures too, but for now I have 2 more funny things from my kids mouths.
Comfort was in choir at our Homeschool Co-op and one day as she was practicing her songs she asked me "Mom, where does the free laundry come from?" Then she began to sing 'My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, let free laundry'. Isn't American great, they just give away free laundry!
Then last week Josephine was skipping around the house joyfully singing 'Who built the ark? No one, no one. Who built the ark? No one built the ark.'
Just when I need a good laugh, there it is!

Jun 3, 2010

We made it through the first year!

It's had its trials, but we made it through, I still love my awesome man and I'm still excited about serving our Lord together! We are looking forward to what God has for us next!

James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

This Last Year

May 23rd marked the one year anniversary of the day that Brian, Josephine and Comfort stepped foot on American soil and became American citizens and FINALLY joined our whole family in person not just in our hearts. What a joyous day!!! After 2 1/2 grueling weeks in Africa and many trials, I was ecstatic to reach the US. However, the trials weren't over BUT God was ALWAYS faithful. Over the next few posts, I thought I would tell the story of our last year, some of it has already been told, some will be a surprise.
Let me back up just a little so you get an idea of the miracles that God produced to get us home. Keep in mind that being in Ghana wasn't just an inconvenience for me it was a life or death ordeal. Comfort's heart was failing and she was going to die soon if we stayed in Ghana. There were times when she would have severe chest pain and be gasping for breath and all I could do was pray over her that God would sustain her life. There was no 911 and even if there would have been, there was not a hospital to take her to that could do anything for her. What a faith building experience for me. For those who don't know, when I was 6 years old my mom had her first open heart surgery. That was 1972 and the doctor told her she had 5 years to live HOWEVER God told her different. She had amazing faith and survived many more surgeries and procedures, many, many trips to the ER by ambulance and finally 2 years ago she was taken by ambulance to the ER for the last time. My mom was in the hospital for 4 days before being ushered home to be with her Savior. In 1972 her life looked hopeless, but 36 years later she was a proud grandmother of 9 and a great grandmother. Her family and her Lord were the most important things to her. She used to tell me all the time how she saw Jesus in the operating room standing behind the doctor with His arms wrapped around him guiding his hands making sure that the days of her life were numbered not by doctors but by Him. She was such a woman of faith, and I am starting to understand why. Our faith is built not by the peaceful days, but by seeing God's faithfulness during the trials. When you need Him the most and have nothing else to count on, nothing to fall back on, He is faithful. That was the biggest lesson I learned in Ghana. No one can ever tell me that God's not real or that He's not faithful to help when we cry out to Him. I have lived it.
Okay, now on to the story.
Thursday May 21st was the day that we finally received the last thing we needed from the orphanage director to get us out of Ghana. Brian's passport!!! On Wednesday I had been praying about his passport and I saw a picture of the passport with chains all wrapped around it and I got the feeling that someone was holding his passport and we needed it to be released. I told the kids this and Josephine prayed, not just a little prayer, this was a heart spilling, on her face before God, crying out to Him prayer that Brian's passport would be released to us so we could go home. She did not want her brother left behind and we knew that if Comfort really became critical we would have to leave Ghana and possibly leave Brian behind. None of us wanted to do that. The very next day we received a phone call that the passport was ready and it was finally released to us. We knew that we were cutting it short, but off we scrambled to MedLab to get his medicals done before the weekend. The next Monday was a holiday so we knew that would delay things a few days if we didn't get them done that day. After we filled out paperwork and paid the fee, the man at the desk informed us that adoption medical appointments were over for the day but he would let us go late this one time. Don't worry, I won't be back :) From MedLab clinic we rushed to MedLab lab a few miles away to complete the steps needed for the medicals. Thankfully God provided a friend who knew the doctor who reads the tests at MedLab. She knew how desperate we were and called in a favor to this doctor who completed and read the tests THAT DAY. This truly was a miracle, nothing get's done in Ghana in one day :) The next morning I got up and packed and told the kids be ready, I think we're going home today. I had my doubts, but wanted to be ready just in case. Laurel stayed at the hotel with the kids while Daniel (who I owe many thanks to) and I rushed off to MedLab 8 AM . On the way I called the American Embassy and asked them if we could get our visas today to be on an evening flight leaving Ghana at 4 PM. At first she said no, so I explained to her that I was out of money (true) Comfort was going to die (true) and I had no choice but to be on that plane. By god's grace she had mercy on me and said 'Okay, Mrs Pearson, if you can get here by 9:30 I can process your visas today'. YAY!!!! One problem taken care of, now on to problem number 2. How do you get medical reports from a lab in Ghana to the medical clinic in Ghana in an hour?? Seems impossible......ahhhh, nothing is impossible with GOD! After arriving at MedLab clinic we found out that the medical report was finished but needed to be transported from the lab to the clinic and that it would be there sometime 'later'. Okay, 'later' in Ghana can mean next week so I called the lab and was told nothing could be done. I hung up and prayed then I called back and was told by the second person that nothing could be done. I hung up and prayed then I called back and finally the third person told me that if I got permission from MedLab clinic I could pick up the results myself. YAY!!! Keep in mind I would not be so pushy if my convenience was the only thing at stake. I took a deep breath, knowing I had to face Mr. Nice Man at the desk and into MedLab clinic I went to explain my situation. The look on his face was priceless. It was a nice mixture of compassion and irritation. It took him about 10 minutes to make the necessary calls and then we were off to the lab which was about a 10 minute drive. We picked up the super top secret, sealed and double sealed packet. The funniest thing about this is that the packet contains the results of Brian's stool sample. Yeah, super top secret stool sample results. The other funny thing is that we had the stool tests redone in the US and both Brian and Josephine had Giardia that MedLab missed (that explains the severe diarrhea and vomiting they had in Ghana). At this point I was extremely hopeful that we would be leaving that day. Things were moving fast! With the newly acquired medical results in hand we sped off to the Embassy and yes, Mr Nice Guard Man I do know that I don't have an appointment but could you please let me in anyways? After a few phone calls the guards decide that it's okay to let me in and we are in and out within 2 hours visas in hand!!! I called Mark and told him we were coming home then I called my dad. It was his birthday, my kids had taken him out to breakfast and I got to tell him 'Happy birthday dad, I'm bringing your new grandkids home today!' I also called the hotel and told Laurel and the kids to get ready we'll be on the 4 o'clock plane!! What an amazing day. My head was spinning and I couldn't believe how much had happened in just a few short hours. 2 trips to Ghana, weeks of waiting, many tears, worry, doubts and in a few short hours it was all over. We were headed home. I truly believe that God moved mountains to make this happen. Things just don't happen this quickly in Ghana, but God had a plan that played out according to His timing. He knew when we needed to be in America and made it happen. Next time I'll tell about our interesting arrival :)

Jun 1, 2010

Another Funny

Yesterday at breakfast Josephine proclaimed "These Rice Crispies sure are lousy!" If you don't recognize it, 'lousy' is a contraction using the words loud and noisy. Maybe I'm the only one that totally cracks up at the things my kids say, but I think it's pretty funny! Josephine, of course, corrected her word right away when she realized what she had said. She really likes to do everything well, possibly even bordering on perfect. I have worked hard to get her to loosen up a little. I totally believe in striving to do things well, but I also want my kids to be able to relax and realize nothing is ever perfect, doing your best is what's important. Both Josephine and Brian always try to be obedient, do the right thing, and do their chores and schoolwork well. They are great kids!

May 19, 2010

Can I have a Banana to Hold Me Down?

My kids totally crack me up! Comfort just asked me if dinner was ready and when I said not yet she asked if she could have a banana to hold her down. HA! Yesterday I gave her a banana before dinner told her it was to hold her 'over'. Adverbs are interchangeable, right?
Now that I think about it, I wish I could give my kids a banana to hold them down. That would be great!!
Every day we get a few good chuckles out of the things the kids say. I should keep a journal.

May 8, 2010

Another Great Hike

Umtanum Canyon was a great hike for the Pearsons and the Knoxs! It was a beautiful 70 degree day for our desert hike, or so we thought. 3 miles in it started to hail, snow, thunder, lightning and rain. We were all in our t-shirts and some of us had on shorts. The big kids took off running back to the van while Mark and I took up the rear with the Comfort and the Knox's youngest daughter. We were all soaked, freezing and miserable, but happy to have conquered another adventure!! I was amazed that Comfort made it almost all the way and I just had to carry her on my back the last mile.
Last year I left for my second trip to Ghana on May 6th, the same day of this hike. I can't believe it's been almost a year that the kids have been here.

Apr 24, 2010

First 'Official' Hike of the Year

2 miles and1,100 feet elevation gain then you're blessed with an awesome view!! Mark, Kelcey, Maggie (yes that's her with her new short, stylin' hair) Brian and I started out the year with a leg burner to the top of Rattlesnake Ledge. Last week the kids and I hiked all the way around Rattlesnake Lake (see it at the bottom) while Mark was at work, so it was fun to see the lake from a different perspective. I was not loving looking over the edge, but the rest of my family seemed quite content to lean over.
Nathan had surgery last Friday to have his tonsils and adenoids removed, so he stayed home. We knew that Comfort wouldn't make it to the top, so she and Josephine also skipped this hike. Tyler was at work so he also didn't get to go. How weird to go on a family hike with just 3 kids.

We can't wait for summer! It's been a loooong winter and we are ready to move on.
By the way, does anyone other than me notice that my husband is always perched on the highest most dangerous place he can find? It's good that he compliments my shortcomings so well, you would NEVER see me out on that rock :) We make a good team. He has great adventures and I'm in a safe place ready to call 911 if he needs it.

Apr 21, 2010

Our Comfort

Check out this blog post written by Becky . She took care of Comfort in Ghana. I know it was difficult on her and we are forever grateful that she helped to save Comfort's life. We would be happy to have Sister Becky come and visit!

Apr 14, 2010

A couple more pictures

We've been an official family for a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, do you see that??? Yeah, it's Comfort and she's RUNNING!!!!! Really fast too! No chest pain, no fear of dying, no leg cramps, no shortness of breath, no one telling her she's lazy and slow. Praise God, her life has been saved!!! I am daily humbled and in awe of her miraculous life.

When I look at this picture of my girls I think "Isn't it amazing just how small each of us is in the world?" Yet I know that when you submit your life to doing God's will He can and will accomplish great things through you.

Okay, I just have to say this.....I know that all grandmas talk about how their grandkids are the 'cutest', but seriously, isn't Kylah the cutest baby you've ever seen?? I know I'm her grandma, but I'm pretty sure I'm right about this.


Apr 13, 2010


YEP! 365 days ago last Thursday we were in Accra, Ghana receiving our adoption decree. April 8th, 2009 Brian, Josephine and Comfort officially became PEARSONS!!!! April 8th 2010 we were together as a family on the beach of the Pacific Ocean. It's funny to think that last year at this time we were playing in the Atlantic Ocean!

I know it's been a while since I have updated, so I thought I would take this opportunity to fill you in on the last six months. Here are some of the great things that have happened:

-We have bonded as a family really well. Brian is doing extremely well homeschooling, he is very smart and has really good logical thinking. We have worked through some of his past traumas and he seems to be happy although he does miss his grandma. Brian is growing a lot! He's gained 15 pounds and is on his 3rd set of clothes. Josephine is also doing really well homeschooling. She is just starting to read and loves it! She is a very motivated learner. Her past trauma has been a little harder to deal with because hers comes out as sadness, especially at night when she has time to think. She also has had some nightmares, but all in all she is doing great. She is also growing really tall. Every time I turn around her pants are too short. Comfort is more delayed in school, but also did not have much schooling in Ghana. Our dentist told us that she is not 8 (which I suspected because her father told me she was 9 not 7) but more like 10 1/2. Which of course means she is more delayed than we thought, but she is showing great improvement the more I work with her. She is such a great kid and dances and sings all around the house. Sometimes she'll stop and say 'Isn't this a wonderful day?'. To think that she was holding on by a thread in Ghana and now she is so full of life. Her health has been great and she is also growing but not as fast as Brian or Josephine.

-We got a new 15 passenger van!! Thanks to an amazing friend who had a fundraiser without our knowledge and bought us our van! We can't thank everyone enough, we LOVE it. We had been praying for months that we would get a van and not have to drive 2 cars everywhere and our prayers were answered.

-Brian and Comfort both had their first American birthdays in November and Josephine had her birthday in January.

-Our beautiful granddaughter number 2 was born in December. Kylah is such a sweetie and it was really a great experience for Brian, Josephine and Comfort.

-Our first Christmas together as the 'New and improved' Pearsons.

Then the first of the year...........

-New Years Day our daughter's car was stolen out of our driveway. Did you know that you are responsible for all towing and recovery costs even if someone steals your car?? Thankfully they pulled the guy over for speeding and arrested him, which happened to be at the same time that we were all praying for him to change his ways and that he would know Jesus as his Lord.

-My friend Lori and her son Alex made a surprise visit for 6 weeks from Papua New Guinea!! What an awesome time we had staying up late, watching movies, eating chocolate......

-Our homeschool Co-op moved once again to a new building. Everytime we move to a new facility we quickly outgrow it. One day I was watching Josephine and Comfort dance around the room in ballet class and I started to cry. To think how far those girls have come and then to see them all decked out in frilly ballet outfits dancing and twirling around the room like little princesses. It was just too much. All the boys want Brian on their team in the gym class because he is so great at all sports, its been fun to watch him make so many friends.

-We were at the doctors 14 times in a 3 week period with 3 ear infections, Maggies first ever visit to the E.R. to get 9 stitches, Brian and Josephine were both having migraines, all of the kids came down with a nasty bug with coughing and fever, Nathan had to go to the E.R. because he had a piece of peanut M&M stuck in his throat (we found out that his tonsils and adenoids were so enlarged that he couldn't swallow, he was on a liquid diet and lost 15 pounds and is having surgery to remove them this Friday) then I went to the E.R twice in one day. Hopefully after Friday we'll stay away from doctors and E.R.s for awhile.

I know there's lots more that has happened and I'll continue to blog about things as they pop into my head.

One more thing:
In October Daniel arrived safe and sound from Ghana. We had so much fun with him. We took him to some of our favorite cool places and fed him some great food. He ended up extending his Visa and just left last week. We sent him back to Ghana with pictures and letters for the kids relatives and he called from Brian and Josephine's grandmother's home so the kids could talk to her. It was really nice and she had called all the aunts and uncles to her house so they could also say hi.