Jun 1, 2010

Another Funny

Yesterday at breakfast Josephine proclaimed "These Rice Crispies sure are lousy!" If you don't recognize it, 'lousy' is a contraction using the words loud and noisy. Maybe I'm the only one that totally cracks up at the things my kids say, but I think it's pretty funny! Josephine, of course, corrected her word right away when she realized what she had said. She really likes to do everything well, possibly even bordering on perfect. I have worked hard to get her to loosen up a little. I totally believe in striving to do things well, but I also want my kids to be able to relax and realize nothing is ever perfect, doing your best is what's important. Both Josephine and Brian always try to be obedient, do the right thing, and do their chores and schoolwork well. They are great kids!


FullPlateMom said...

That's SO cute! Ally is just learning how to use contractions. Everything is "I will not" or "I cannot". So, when she finally starts using them, I could totally see her making contractions out of words that aren't really meant to be contract-able.


Cheryl said...

Hi Lanae-can you believe it's been a year!?? I remember meeting you in the Hotel Obama just a year ago and seeing your three kids there- Comfort was so fragile! We live so close to each other - I'd love to get together! I can't believe we haven't yet and it's been a year! Give me a call so we can try to set up a get-together! 360-279-9176. Praying for you as always!

Cheryl said...

I'm wondering when our girls will figure out how to use past tense. "Mom - I go to the store yesterday" - "Mom - I ride my bike last week", etc. They do the contraction thing, too. I love it - I will miss it when they finally figure it out! Naomi always wants to know if we are going "into" McDonnalds or if we are going to "pass through".