Dec 11, 2010


Its official! She really is the cutest!! Our grand baby Kylah just had her first birthday and she is so precious. She also loves to eat, especially cake...just like grandma :)
Kylah's birth was such a blessing to us. Not only was it great to have another grand daughter, but it was a real time of healing for Brian and Josephine to be able to see sister Tamarah go through a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. They both have some real trauma associated with having a baby (I won't share the details, but it was bad, lots of late night talks and crying about this subject) and I know that God planned Kylah for just the right time. Just last week Kylah was hugging and kissing Brian and he was beaming, of course she was ONLY hugging and kissing him and refused everyone else.
Happy Birthday our little Princess! We love you!!

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