Apr 24, 2010

First 'Official' Hike of the Year

2 miles and1,100 feet elevation gain then you're blessed with an awesome view!! Mark, Kelcey, Maggie (yes that's her with her new short, stylin' hair) Brian and I started out the year with a leg burner to the top of Rattlesnake Ledge. Last week the kids and I hiked all the way around Rattlesnake Lake (see it at the bottom) while Mark was at work, so it was fun to see the lake from a different perspective. I was not loving looking over the edge, but the rest of my family seemed quite content to lean over.
Nathan had surgery last Friday to have his tonsils and adenoids removed, so he stayed home. We knew that Comfort wouldn't make it to the top, so she and Josephine also skipped this hike. Tyler was at work so he also didn't get to go. How weird to go on a family hike with just 3 kids.

We can't wait for summer! It's been a loooong winter and we are ready to move on.
By the way, does anyone other than me notice that my husband is always perched on the highest most dangerous place he can find? It's good that he compliments my shortcomings so well, you would NEVER see me out on that rock :) We make a good team. He has great adventures and I'm in a safe place ready to call 911 if he needs it.

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The Hullingers said...

How is it that we both have husbands (and boys in my case) like that? I swear I spend half my life with my finger on the 911 speed-dial button!

Maggie totally rocks that hairstyle! I wish I had the guts. It looks great!