May 17, 2009

Brotherly love

So here is a story from the car ride yesterday:
I had noticed that Comfort had really bonded with Brian which is great, but in the car yesterday I heard a little bit about why she is so close to him now.
Brian and Comfort were talking about something in Twi and obviously reminiscing so I asked them what they were talking about and Brian told me that Comfort was remembering when a boy in Brian's class had beat her out on the playfield and Brian had asked her who beat her and then he went to that boy and beat him and told him never to beat his sister again and he said that nobody beat Comfort after that. He was very proud that he had protected his sister and she was obviously very happy that he had.
Just so you know, the word beat can mean hit or spank or can actually mean beat. I'm not sure what it meant this time, but I know that Comfort was the underdog because of her health, so I was really happy to hear that Brian had helped her. I don't agree with beating, but as a big brother he did what he had to do to protect his sister.
Chivalry, alive and well in the Pearson family.
I think we'll hear a lot of interesting stories in the days to come!


Sheri K said...

cool story. I love it.
Sheri K

FriĆ°rikssonS (and Parents) said...

I love your kids!! There is such a great bond between them!! I am praying things work out so that you can bring them home this week!!
Our prayers are with you!

Sheri K said...

Boy are you ever having adventures! Fun to hear about Kafui and can't wait to hear the whole story there. Glad you received your BD cake! What a treat. Sorry about your hard day on Sunday.

We'll be praying extra for you tonite -- at around 6AM your time for the speedy recovery of the errant passport and the medical and visa App.

Love to all of you.

The Hullingers said...

Some of the most tender moments in our lives have been our boys watching over their little sister. Even when they are way too cool for Mom and Dad, they always have their sister's back.

Praying for you to come home soon, and for Comfort (and everyone) to stay as healthy as possible until then.