Apr 16, 2009

We miss our kids!!!

Brian, Josephine and Comfort love to sing! Here they are singing 'A is for Adam' , 'Excellent is thy Name' , 'We Welcome the Father'.
Aren't they so adorable? Doesn't this video make you cry? I can't believe we had to leave them behind. We are so anxious to get them home!
Oh, they also 'speak Chinese' which is pretty funny. They hear it on the radio in Ghana and copy what they hear. Also, Brian likes to show how smart he is and counts to 10 in French. They are so great!!!


Lois said...

Josephine's got rhythm! What bright, beautiful kids, I can't stand that they aren't home.

Sheri K said...

Your kids are AWESOME!! Totally D. Like Wow, man.

Can't WAIT to get them home.

The Hullingers said...

They are awesome! I love their Chinese! Praying for them to come home very soon.

Watson said...

Voices that bring tears to our eyes & faces that bring smiles to our faces.
Grandma & Grandpa waiting to meet them.

Rog Fam said...

This is awesome ! What a gift to have on video. I think Josephine is a up and coming worship leader like her daddy !!
She has the gift. The kids have the greatest smiles and love just pours out of their eyes, can wait till we get to meet them in person !! Lifting you in prayer with much love, see you in a couple of days - Hugs