Apr 15, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts, but we have had a rough few days. We did finally receive our ADOPTION DECREE!!!! YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, we had to make the very difficult decision to leave the children behind in Ghana and come home. Both Mark and Maggie became very ill in Ghana and we had to decide if we were going to send them home and leave me behind or if we would all go home and I would return to finish everything. As we were standing in front of the embassy in Ghana, I looked at my husband (chest congestion, coughing) and my daughter (who was laying on the concrete sidewalk in the heat looking like she might not make it through the day.....she had half of her face swollen-including her eye, a body rash-red with blisters, a throbbing painful ear, and her foot was swollen, red, and so painful she couldn't put weight on it, and she was coughing with chest congestion) and I decided that I needed to go home with them, get everyone well, regroup and then finish the process.
I am happy to say that Maggie is much improved but not back to normal yet. We are watching her to make sure she is responding well to the 2 medications that the doctor put her on, otherwise if she starts to look bad again we will need to have her see a specialist. It was interesting to see the doctor's concern when I mentioned we had been in Ghana when she became ill.
Mark is also on the mend. He went back to work right away but is still coughing and congested.
We are not sure of our timeline now, but we have the decree, we have the birth certificates and are waiting for the parent's death certificate which is still in Ghana but being carried to us this Friday by someone leaving the orphanage for the US.
We are still trusting God's timing and looking so forward to being together as a whole family soon.
Thank you so much for your prayers and all of the comments. It really was what kept us going on some of the impossible days in Ghana. It's almost indescribable what we went through, but we felt all your prayers and trusted our Lord and Saviour that He is still at work even when things don't go as we have them scheduled.
Please continue to pray for our kids, that they would not doubt our return or fear that we have left them permanently. Also, Ghana is a harsh place where you can easily get sick and there is limited, poor medical care, so please pray for their health and safety, especially for our sweet Comfort's health. What an amazing kid she is.


Watson said...

Dear Pearson Family,
So glad you are home safe & sound in the USA.Now you can regroup & recoup.
Hopefully from home you can get the results that were impossible to get while in Ghana. You & your children in Ghana are in our hearts & in our thoughts until this is resolved for you all. Please get well soon & take care,
Mom & Gary

Laurel said...

Oh sooo... sorry to hear your news. We can't imagine having to leave the children.

We'll talk soon!

Laurel :)

BentzBunch said...
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BentzBunch said...

*heavy sigh*

Hope Mark and Maggie recover fully and soon.

Praying with all our might,
The Bunch

We love you

BentzBunch said...

Thanks for the updates and we love the videos!
Some very beautiful kids, for sure.