Sep 9, 2008

Our God Is an Awesome God!

Does it ever just blow you away how awesome God is? I was thinking about it today, and I am just amazed at how amazing He is. So, this weekend we had our fundraiser garage sale. Our goal was to make $800 because that, along with our other donations, would pay for the next step in our adoption. We had asked all of our friends and family to donate items, but as of last Monday we did not have much of anything to sell at our garage sale. I started to get a little nervous and I cried out to God asking did he really want us to adopt?? Because if so we needed some donations. Wow!! Did God move, and our friends and family pull through!! By Friday we were buried in good stuff to sell! As we looked around we realized that very little of it was our stuff and the huge majority was donated by people who are almost as excited as we are to see our kids come home. Not only did friends donate, but they actually delivered items to our house, came and helped set up, made up awesome fundraiser signs with pictures of Brian and Josephine, advertised, and even helped sell!! Even our neighbors got involved and donated items. We even had a cash donation from Cali (11) and Kenna (8) who opted to give money to our adoption that they had personally saved rather than spend it on themselves. Together they gave $100!!!! Thank you girls!! I will say it once again, it is amazing and humbling to see God move the heart of a child and to watch them follow Him in obedience.

At the end of our garage sale we tallied our earnings and amazingly we had made $845! Plus we still have some great stuff that we are selling online. Just today I sold a bed that did not sell at the garage sale. When the people came to pick it up I told them about our adoption and how I wanted them to know that they are part of something bigger as this money was going towards our adoption and they said "Praise the Lord!"......... My thoughts exactly!!

So this goal was met, now on to our next goal. Half of the country/orphanage fee is due when we send in our Dossier (about a month from now) which is $3500. It looks big, but I know that our God is amazing. We are excited to watch Him work!!
Thank you to all my friends and family who donated and helped with this fundraiser. We feel truly blessed to have such awesome support.

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Samuel (and Parents) said...

WOW!!! I can so empathize with what you are going through! We are looking to do such a sale as well, and well, I am nervous. But it seems that when we rely on God miracles DO happen!
So glad for you!!!
We are Praying for you as well!