Sep 27, 2008

New Pictures!!!!!!

2 weeks ago we sent a package to our kids in Ghana! It included photo albums, paper, crayons, visors, and lollipops! Here is a picture of Brian and Josephine looking at pictures of their new family (us!) in the photo album that we sent.

Our package was hand delivered by Jessica!! Thank you!!!

Brian and Josephine in the middle.
Isn't Josephine beautiful??

Here they are holding their package from us and wearing their new visors we sent.

As I look at these pictures (crying, of course) I am just overwhelmed with the urge to go get my kids. I want to protect them and be their mom up close, not from thousands of miles away. I look at the pictures closely and try to glean any little bit of information that I can. Are they happy? Are they afraid? What are they feeling? I can't imagine getting a photo album full of pictures of a family that I had never met and being told that this is your new family. How overwhelming and scary would that be?? Everything in the pictures looks foreign to them. Our family, our house, the green grass and trees, the mountains, the city. We will be praying that they are happy and excited about their new family and not afraid. We have been told that all of the orphans in Ghana dream of being adopted by an American family, but they never think that they will be lucky enough to be the ones that get picked and when they do get picked they are very happy.
We spent a day with a family near us who adopted 3 kids from Ghana and as we were looking at their pictures from Ghana and discussing our adoption, their little boy quietly asked his mom who we were adopting (I think he was hoping it would be someone he knew!). Then I asked him if he thought they would be happy for us to adopt them and bring them to America and he smiled and boldly said "YES!"

We also were able to get information about our kids from Lois who was in Ghana with Jessica. The report that she gave us about our kids was great! Lois said that both of them are very healthy, do not seem to have any learning or physical disabilities, and they socialize and play well with the other kids. They also seem to be very bonded and depend on each other. Josephine is quiet and shy and Brian is more outgoing. We are very happy with this report!

Patiently waiting.................sometimes not so patiently.............


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Laurel said...

Fun to read your update and see all of the pictures. We can't WAIT to meet these two precious children.

Even though our kids didn't know yours in Ghana, I'm sure they will bond very quickly. Our kids love to meet others that "look like them". :)


Laurel :)