May 21, 2011

My Birthday at the Park

Actually we went to several parks! The older girls are in Alaska on a cruise and Tyler was at work so we took the 4 younger kids and went park hopping. We usually go to one park but this time we decided why not park hop! It was really fun! We stayed at each park about 20 minutes then hopped in the van and headed to the next one. The kids had a great time and we didn't even go to any parks with 'toys' just beach parks. We will definitely be doing this again.

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FriĆ°rikssonS (and Parents) said...

WOW!!! The kids looks so wonderful. Comfort hardly looks the way I knew her. Brian and Jospehine look so happy. They are all sooo beautiful. It is so wonderful to see the changes and growth!!! Can't wait to share the pics with the boys tommorrow. Doubt they will hardly recognize them. :)