Oct 13, 2009

Red trees, falling leaves, cold hands........

We have had an amazing summer with our new family, but sadly for me (I love summer!!) we are moving into fall in the Pacific Northwest. Much to Brian, Josephine and Comfort's amazement, the trees are turning colors and the leaves are falling off the trees! They have so many questions about fall, why do the leaves fall, will the trees die, why do my hands hurt when they are cold......
It has been so interesting and fun to be able to teach them all the new things. Today we started school with a nature walk to look at all the beautiful trees and gather some leaves to make leaf rubbings. Yesterday we went to the Ballard Locks and saw the migrating salmon going through the fish ladder, and also had a lesson on how to put on a coat over a long sleeve shirt. Some things you take for granted, thinking that your kids just automatically know them, but all of these things were taught to them when they were toddlers. However, in Ghana there are no coats and long sleeve shirts, no painful freezing hands, no fall weather, no falling leaves.
Notice that Nathan is still holding out and wearing shorts!! He loves summer too.

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