Oct 13, 2009

Brother Daniel is coming to America!!!!

Here are pictures of Kelcey, Evans, Maggie and Daniel playing Triominos, the score sheet showing Daniel's winning score (he insisted that we take a picture of it) , all of us eating at a Chinese restaraunt in Osu, and Daniel showing his muscles. I bet he never thought that picture would get out on the web!

Daniel got his visa (not an easy process) in Accra and is coming to America next week for 2-3 months. He will be staying with a pastor from Ghana here in South Seattle. He was an amazing help to us while we were in Ghana (both trips) and he is still a good friend to Maggie and Kelcey through facebook. I can't wait for him to meet our boys here in the US. YAY!!!! Looking back at these pictures sure brings back memories. I hardly had time to process one trip then it was back again, then when I arrived home withthe kids and and Comfort ended up in Children's Hospital 8 days later, it was all a whirlwind. It's nice to take time to look at the pictures now. I remember Maggie in the top picture, she was so sick, you can see how swollen her face was, but she's one to never miss a game night party! What a trip.....lots of good, some bad, some horrible and some great. TOTALLY WORTH EVERY MINUTE.


Laurel said...

How exciting! Please tell Daniel that we would LOVE to see him.


ef said...

It´s a great thing that you adopted this kids, I dream of someday adopting a couple of kids too, but at teh moment I am to young to eaven think about it... I hope in the future I can adopt.
I am not in the US, but I´m sure that it doesnot matter what country a child is brought to as log as he or she is loved.
sorry about my english... not my native language...