Jul 7, 2009

We're still here!

I know it's been a while since I have updated and I have received some emails wondering if we are still alive :) We have been laying low, taking a breather, adjusting to our new improved family life!! I will be posting pictures over the next few days of all of our family adventures during the last month but for now I wanted to update everyone on how we are doing. We are really doing great. As you know the first few weeks home were sooooo stressful and the months before coming home were just as stressful, however I have to say that everything has worked out so well. Comfort has recovered from surgery in record time, Brian and Josephine have adjusted great and were so good while mom was away at Children's with Comfort. Mark and I have discussed how things could have gone so differently with the kids at home and mom away, but my bio kids stepped up to the challenge (as always!) and took over the home front and my new kids were great.
Comfort has had another echo cardiogram and everything looks great. Her heart is functioning well enough that her cardiologist doesn't want to see us back for 6 months!!! She now runs full speed around our yard and is so happy!
We also had our Brian and Josephine's post adoption medical appointment and had all the tests done and we are happy to report that all of the blood tests came back negative (Hep., HIV, TB, Anemia, etc).
The kids are eating well, and I am planning on posting a list of foods that I made for them that helped them to adjust to our American food. I love to cook and have taught a cooking class called 'Cooking Around the World' so I was really excited to learn to cook some Ghanaian meals and I asked lots of food questions while in Ghana. I have heard different opinions about food adjustments and adopted children, but our method seemed to work really well, so I will post about it soon for those of you who are adopting and looking for ideas.
We are now off to the orthopedic doctor. While I was in Ghana I noticed that Comfort favored one leg so I asked Children's while she was there and they suggested checking it out after she recovered from surgery, so off we go. We are praying that it's not serious, but also thanking God that we have excellent medical care when we need it. We are truly blessed in so many ways.

Moving into a new stage of life as one big happy family! We love our new normal!!!


Steve and Narda said...

So happy to hear things are going so well. It's the challenges in life that help us appreciate more fully when life is good. Enjoy some time to yourselves as we understand the adjustment period is one that requires time and dedication. Once things have settled down we'll have to have Lilly (Saviour) give Comfort a call. She loves knowing she's in America and we show her maps of where Comfort now lives.

We are Grateful!!! said...

Thanks so much for catching us up. I have been wondering how things are going since the hospital stay. So glad to know that Comfort is running around the yard!
I am also looking forward to your posts on the helpful food hints for the kids.
Blessings, T

The Hullingers said...

Such a wonderful update! I'm sure everyone understands your absence, and I'm so glad to hear of your "new normal," especially the part about Comfort running around the yard!

Adrienne said...

What a wonderful update. Glad to hear that things are so great and that your children are transitioning well to American food and life. Thank Heaven for good medical care!

gilliesblog said...

Met you at the fair today! Let's keep in touch! It was so exciting for me to see those 3 beauties today after leaving Africa just 3 weeks ago!