Jul 23, 2009

Comfort continues to effect people around the world!

(Here is Comfort at soccer camp 5 weeks after open heart surgery!!!)

I thought I would share this comment that I received from a wonderful adopting mom who has now been to Ghana and is home with her adopted daughter. You can check out her blog at http://lemongrovelane.blogspot.com/ and see pictures of her trip and of her trip to Korle Bu Hospital where we took Comfort the day after we arrived in Ghana. When the cardiologist at Korle Bu told us that children don't have chest pain with heart conditions I knew that there was nothing they could do for her there. They just don't have the equipment, supplies, or specified knowledge in cardiology. But, the outcome was great! Comfort made it home to the US with 8 days to spare (isn't God's timing amazing??) and was admitted to Seattle Children's Hospital with chest pain caused by her failing right ventricle.
It is so great that Jeanie was able to bring much needed supplies to Korle Bu. Here is the comment that she left on May 27th:

I came across your blog address this morning and saw that yesterday was your day to take Comfort to Children's Hospital. She has continued in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope all went well yesterday. I will eagerly watch for good news on your blog! :) By the way, Laurel's blog post detailing your trip to Korle-Bu resulted in my having made contact with an organization dedicated to helping the kids there. They put me in touch with a doctor there, and I now have several suitcases full of medical supplies to bring to them (most from a local hospital, and we are also buying some additional equipment.) We're hoping to go to Ghana in the next week or two. So, Comfort's visit to the hospital in Accra will directly result in some help for the other pediatric patients as well - I just you might like to know the effect Comfort had! :)



HappyMom2GR8kids said...

Thank is awesome and amazing!

Lois said...

Oh my sweet Comfort, you go girl! can you believe it Lanae? After all our worrying, how fun to see her actually running!
I'll call soon to catch up.

Cheryl said...

I just love to see all of your kids home with you. It still amazes me that we met in Ghana bringing our kids home - I've prayed and prayed for Comfort. Let's get together soon!