Jun 9, 2009

Out of ICU, YAY!!

We have moved to a regular room! Yesterday Comfort was 'finished' with ICU (her words). She tried to get up and leave and said 'Mom. I will not sleep here' in her cute Ghanaian accent. Once we got to the new room she was better, she just didn't want any more pokes or tubes removed. What a culture shock for her. I realized that today she has been in the hospital 8 days, so equal to the amount of time she spent at our house. Everyday I tell her she will still live at our house and mommy will be her mommy forever and she will still get to sleep in her new bed. It's been a very interesting process. Not quite by the book according to all the adoption info, but I haven't heard or read any advice on how to bring a child from a rural Ghanaian orphange to America for 8 days then put them in the hospital for heart surgery while they try to adjust to EVERYTHING being different, the food, the environment, the smells (which I think are much better here!) the people.......and on top of it getting poked and being in pain and not quite understanding the process. It's a lot for a little girl to take. I guess that's why God made her such a fighter.
We are expecting to bring her home this week, maybe even in a couple days!! WOW, isn't that amazing?? I can't even believe that the adoption is final, the kids are here, and Comfort has had her surgery and now she's almost ready to go home. YAY!!!!
I'm looking forward to finally getting back to 'normal' life. Yeah I know it will be a new normal, not quite the same as before but I also believe this is all God's plan, His timing and it will be good!


Jen said...

Wow! Fabulous news! I am so happy to hear it! Yea, sure that book on bringing home a child to take them straight in for heart surgery does not exist. I am sure you will all figure it out and do it beautifully...
God has been so good to your family... what a blessing! I can't wait for you to all get back home and for Comfort to find out what "normal" is!


Kristin Jag said...

I had a great time visiting today with you and your girls! I am very excited that Comfort is doing so well and can't wait to hear how the rest of the day went. Like Jennine said, it will be great for you to be 'normal' now.

PS-it will be great to see you next time away from the hospital. I, at least, am not scheduled to go back there with any children for four more months!(knock on wood)

Lois said...

It seems so unreal! After worrying and planning all these months...to go home and NOT worry is going to feel so good! Thank you for sharing the pictures, amazing darlin' isn't she?

Vicky said...

What a crazy two months Comfort has had. Praising God that He made her able to endure it all. Praying she'll soon be home, where you guys can rest up, enjoy the summer, and grow together as a family.

publius said...

Congratulations on making it home. I met you at the US Embassy in Ghana. Glad all is well.

Heidi Rollins