Jun 2, 2009

Comfort update

Thank you so much for your prayers! Today Comfort was much better with no pain and was actually up talking and laughing. Yesterday really got the doctors attention though, they are very concerned and are not letting her go home until after surgery. The surgery is scheduled for Thursday, but I met with the surgeon today and that might change depending on if they have a bed available in ICU for her surgery recovery.
Our big prayer need is that her right ventricle in her heart will miraculously begin to function normally as soon as they remove her obstruction. The surgeon told me that the surgery would be relatively easy, the concern is that her right ventricle, which is now failing, will completely fail or not recover after surgery. I believe that God needs to miraculously heal that part of her heart and am praying that He will. The surgeon also said that there is no choice, she has to have surgery or she will not survive, but we knew that already it's just weird to hear the professional say it.
She is feeling good today, so we are also praying that she will continue to be pain free until the surgery.
God is good. He amazes me daily!


Laurel said...

Thanks for the update. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers all day today.

I was actually in Seattle today, and almost stopped by the hospital ... but didn't know how much company you'd have, nor how she was doing today. Wish I'd stopped, since it sounds like things were better.

Please tell the kids that I miss them, and that my kids hope to meet them soon.

Laurel :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Praying for your sweet babe!

Steve and Narda said...

I'm glad to hear she is not having pain right now. Our continued prayers are with her and with you and your family, and the surgical team and medical staff that are caring for her. Please send her our love.

Steve, Narda and Saviour

Salzwedel Family said...

God is able! Praying for His will to be done.

Lois said...

Thank you for the update. Prayers and fasting tomorrow. give her my love.

Donna said...

Been following your adoption adventure through Laurel's blog. We will be praying right along with you for a miracle with that ventricle.
Delight in Him-