Mar 18, 2009

Really leaving this time

I just got off the phone with our travel agent and our flight is reserved and payed for!!! I called Mark and he said "Were really going to Africa". Hmmmm, yep, I guess we really are.
Our new date is March 29th............YAY!!!! Prayerfully everything will come together quickly and we will get our kids home and get Comfort to Children's Hospital soon!


Lois said...

I can't believe it either! The last few weeks have been hard and slow... but now we have a plan! I can't wait.

Steve and Narda said...

We're so excited for you, it's going to be an adventure for you and your family and so wonderful for you to see your beautiful children. If you have any questions to help prepair you for your travel don't hesitate to call.

Thanks for your referal of Golden Rule Travel for Narda, they were great to work with.

The Hullingers said...

We're praying hard for you! Have a safe and wonderful trip.