Mar 28, 2009


Yep, it's us!!!! Tomorrow we leave. Oh, and did I mention our ADOPTION IS FINAL????? Yep, it's official, we are now parents of EIGHT KIDS!!! Not quite caught up to the Big D family, but were holding our own! We are so excited that we will be meeting our new kids in about 36 hours. Please remember to pray for our trip to the embassy, we need our papers done quickly to make it back for Comfort's doctor's appointment. Also, please pray for safe travel. Thanks!!


FullPlateMom said...

I'm praying for you for safe travel and a VERY speedy process. I bet you can't wait to hug your kids!

Thanks for all the work you did with my paperwork.

FriĆ°rikssonS (and Parents) said...

I am so so so happy and excited for you!!! Please give all the kids hugs from me!!! I know Comfort especially will be so glad to finally be with her mom (we often talked about you)! I am so happy for your family and Congrats!!!

Kristin Jag said...

Yippee!!! We will be praying for you and hope to hear some updates too along the way!

Jen said...

Great news! I will pray all goes quickly and you get to return in time for that appt. Praise God that Comfort is hanging in there...


Lois said...

I'm going to ask Kingsley to call me after picking you up at the airport Mon. night, so I'll talk to you then. I can't wait to hear the reactions of the kids meeting their family for the first time. I couldn't be happier!!!

Sheri K said...

So happy that by the time you read this you will be finally with your kids. Say Hi to everyone from chilly Seattle! Love you guys and we're praying lots.
Sheri K

Donna said...

Found your blog from the "Big D" blog.
We will be praying for your travel, your paperwork and your meeting the new family members.
I remember the joy, fear, and unknown all being wrapped into one in this amazing journey of adoption.
God Bless