Jan 2, 2009

December: Doctors, Snow, and Christmas!!

December............what a month!!! It started out with my dad's eye surgery, a simple procedure, should take about 15 minutes and a couple days recovery time. HA! Not so for the Pearson Family! Unfortunately there were complications during the (2 hour) surgery and my dad came home unable to see and in excruciating pain which lasted almost 3 weeks. During this time we were in and out of the doctors almost daily trying to get his eye back to normal plus we had to put 5 different eye drops in 4 times a day. What an ordeal for my dad, but thankfully his eye is getting back to normal now. During all this we had SNOW!! And cold, cold, cold. We are in the mild Pacific Northwest, but we had temperatures in the 20s for almost 2 weeks and over a foot of snow! Thankfully my 4 wheel drive Durango goes anywhere in the snow, so we didn't miss one doctors appointment.
Tyler built this amazing igloo, big enough for him to fit inside.

So, we had a hectic December, and a hard Christmas this year. This was the first Christmas since my mom died and we were praying that our kids would be here before Chrismas, so that was dissapointing, but we are learning to trust Gods timing.
We did get our I-600 back in record time and now just have to wait for paperwork to go through, then its off to Ghana!

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