Jan 2, 2009

Because you have asked: Fundraising Video/How to help

This is the video that we played at our church fundraiser. It was put together by a good friend of ours.
For those who have asked about funds, we are about half way there! We started out the process needing about $20,000 and have raised close to half that amount.
Our friend Donna came up with a great fundraiser called Chocolates for Comfort (for Brian and Josephine too, but that was such a catchy name!) and Theos Chocolates in Seattle donated a whole case of dark chocolate bars!! These bars sell for $5 (retail is $6) if you are interested in purchasing some chocolate please let us know.
Another friend, Kathleen, put together a daily bible devotional that starts in Genesis in January and ends in Revelation in December. This is a great book with a short Bible verse that you read every day then a space to write your thoughts about the verse or to write what you feel God is speaking to you through the verse. In our hectic lives, this is a wonderful way to keep on track with our time in the Word. These books sell for $10 and 100% goes to support our adoption. These would be a great devotional to sell at your women's bible study groups and at your church.
We have had many friends sending out emails about our adoption to everyone on their contact lists. They have sold many chocolate bars doing this and we have even received donations from people who we have never met because of these emails. If you feel led to do this, we would be grateful.
We are still taking donations through Kingdom Kids (if you need a tax write off), through Paypal, and we are waiting to hear about the matching grant we have applied for. We are also still asking for air miles to be donated. You can see all this information on the side bar of this blog.
We know that God will provide all we need because He wants Brian, Josephine and Comfort in a family even more than we do! They have a father in Heaven who loves them more than we can ever imagine.
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