Aug 10, 2008

Here I am, mom!

Isn't this a great picture? That's Brian in the middle waving! We received this picture when we were deciding on what kids to adopt. A friend of mine told me that God would make it very clear to me who our kids were and another said 'look for the ones that look familiar to you'. When we were looking through the pictures, the very last one was the picture that we put at the top of our blog with Brian and Josephine right out front dressed in blue (everyone else is in red)! When I saw this picture I immediately thought, "Oh, I know those kids!" (familiar). Then I went back through the pictures and noticed in 3 of the pictures Brian was waving at the camera. It looked like he was saying "MOM!! Here I am! Come and get me!" That was it for me. I love how God works!

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