Feb 16, 2009

Picture/Info from Stephanie

This is the first picture that we have of all three kids together! It was taken by Stephanie who is at the orphanage waiting for all of her paperwork to go through so she can bring home her two boys. Here is the information about Bryan, Josephine and Comfort that Stephanie sent along with the picture:

Comfort - Is really starting to come out of her shell (by the way she is looking and feeling better. Her cough is almost gone as are her sniffles - the intense heat wave is helping all the kids feel less sick). She actually likes to come and play with me. Her english is pretty good and she does translating for me from english to Fante and back. Although she is more reserved than Saviour, she is still quite present in a group. I have the cutest video of her and a few others playing school and house (I hope to post it this weekend or at least send the file via an email. If I can get it to work!). I do watch her closely for her health and she does tire easily and sometimes skips class to rest (or is it my appeal that causes her to skip and then hang out with samuel and I? ;) ) She is harder to read - emotion wise - but I think I am getting the knack to know when she is tired, happy, upset, bored, etc. She has a special light that draws me to her - I don't know if others have felt it - even in a crowd my eyes gravitate to her!

Bryan - Today was my first day of really spending time with him. He is SMART and very much on top of things. But he does NOT like attention. I thought it intersting when I ask him questions I get yes/No responses or mumbles. But if I aksed Jospehine he would answer. I saw him soften a bit when Samuel was playing with him, but he seems to keep a mature air about him.

Josephine is as a quiet as mouse. But so cute. I was talking with her about the book you sent and she thought Washington was beautiful and was glad to be going. She said she likes the rain and hopes to get some while there. While we were talking about snow and building snowmen, Kingsley came up and made a joke that they would have to make a snowperson without two front teeth, She grinned and it was then that I saw her two front teeth were gone (baby teeth gone and adult growing in) Other than that smile I have yet to see her really smile without looking down or covering her mouth. I hope to get to know them better but it is hard because I think they are directed to go straight to their foster home after class and so I don't have much time to interact with them.

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James said...

Your new children are beautiful, congrats to you all! We will be praying for Tyler to get to go and all plans you have laid before the Lord go in His will.
Take Care,
From Fort Casey