Nov 5, 2008

Comfort........God is good!!!!

This is Comfort. Isn't she adorable? Comfort is our third child! Technically she is our 8th child, but she is our 3rd child from Ghana. Do you want to know how this happened? OK, it's a long story, but an amazing story! Enjoy............
Mark and I both felt called to adopt, so we began to pray that God would make it clear to us which child or children we were to adopt. We knew this summer that we were adopting 2 children, Brian and Josephine. In August we had to have our home study updated to change countries from Liberia to Ghana and we both were really feeling like we were suppose to change our homestudy to approve us for 3 children instead of 2, but we never said anything to each other because we both thought we would cause the other to have a stroke or heart attack!!! 3 days after our homestudy visit I woke up in the middle of the night feeling urgently that we must change our homestudy. This feeling did not resolve by morning, so in the morning I mentioned it to my girls who both said "Wow, that's really cool. Did you tell dad?" Of course I had not worked up the nerve to tell him but 10 minutes later Mark came to me and told me that he needed to tell me something that had really been nagging at him. He said that he was really feeling like we should change our homestudy to approve us for 3 kids not 2!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell off my chair. I called our homestudy guy and he said that it would not be a problem. I contacted Lois, who is helping us with our adoption, and asked her if Brian and Josephine had any siblings. It was the only thing I could think of that would possibly cause us to add another child to the group. But she said that they did not have a sibling, so we resolved to just wait and watch for God to work, assuming that we would probably find our third child while in Ghana.
A few weeks later, Lois visited the orphanage where Brian and Josephine are living. When she returned to the US she called us to share wonderful stories about Brian and Josephine. I again asked her if they had a sibling and she said "No, but let me tell you about this little girl I met while I was there"

Lois then told me about a little girl who was very sick so she took her to the doctor. The doctor determined that she had a hole in her heart because he could hear a whooshing sound with every heart beat. When Lois told me this I had the strangest feeling. I knew that this was my daughter, and I knew that we had to do something or she would die in Ghana. Without being adopted, this was a death sentence for this little girl.
What Lois did not know when she told me about Comfort is that my mom had passed away in February from a heart attack. She had her first bypass surgery when I was 6 years old and had numerous heart issues throughout my life. Mark and I had already discussed medical issues and what we thought we were capable of handling. We decided that the one thing we could handle was heart related issues because we had cared for my mom and feel knowledgeable and confident in that area.
I did not tell anyone that I thought this was the third child that God was preparing us for, I just told everyone that she needed help and needed someone to adopt her. I think I was in denial. All of my friends have since told me they knew right away that she was ours, they were just waiting for us to realize it.
Knowing that she would need to be evaluated before the US would allow her adoption, I began researching, looking for cardiologists in Ghana. Guess what??? There aren't any!!!! But, I knew that God was going to move mountains and work things out so I kept looking. Amazingly I found a Ghanaian man who grew up in Ghana, came to the US as an adult, went to Harvard Medical School and works at Boston Children's Hospital as a pediatric Cardiologist, AND he goes back to Ghana every 6 months to evaluate and do corrective surgery on children with heart defects!!!! I called his office and he was actually on a plane for Ghana at that very moment. I explained the situation to his nurse and told her about Comfort and she was able to contact him in Ghana and get the OK to give me his email address. I emailed him and told him about Comfort and asked him if he would evaluate her so that we can have a diagnosis and know what needs to be done when she gets to the US. He emailed me back and said that he would be happy to evaluate her. The orphanage director drove her 4 hours to be evaluated and she had a full evaluation, even an EKG!! In Ghana!! You can see the story that Good Morning America featured Dr Fynn-Thompson in here Be sure to watch the video. He is an amazing man. We are so grateful to him.
This is a picture of Comfort that Dr Francis Fynn-Thompson took the day he evaluated her.

The first thing that we heard from the orphanage director was that the doctor said to tell the people who are adopting her that they should not be afraid. So, we decided to step out in faith and believe that this was the third child that God had for us to adopt. Then we began to panic. How could we possibly adopt 3 children? How could we take a child with medical needs? How could we pay for a HEART SURGERY? Amazingly, we just had witnessed God weaving together a miracle for Comfort, yet we still panicked and doubted. We continued to pray and asked God to provide a way.
That was last week. This week God has once again provided a miracle for Comfort. We received her medical records with her diagnosis on Monday. It turns out that she does have a heart defect, not a hole but "an obstruction of blood flow to her lungs on the right side of her heart, relatively easily corrected by surgery." Good outcome in the US, not so good if she stays in Ghana. Now that we had a diagnosis I really needed some answers about getting it fixed so I called Children's Hospital which is close to our house and asked them if they could give me an estimate of the cost of surgery. At first I was told that we would need to bring her in to be evaluated once she got here then they would talk to us about finances. I then explained the situation. I told the lady on the phone all about Comfort and what a miracle it was that we had a diagnosis and that we really needed to know if this was even remotely financially feasible for us. I explained that her adoption by us really was contingent on whether or not we could pay for her surgery once she arrived here. She took all our information, family size, income, etc. and put me on hold. When she returned she said that she had shared this information with her supervisor and they were going to do the surgery for no cost to us!!! "Not one dollar will come out of your pocket, the evaluation, surgery, check ups, they will all be covered" Praise God !!!!!!!!!!! Our insurance has also committed to covering a portion of the surgery, but the hospital assures us that we should not worry because even if our insurance backs out they will still cover all the costs.
Now that is a miracle!!!
So, now we just have to get our kids here. Oh, our homestudy had been misplaced by our social worker until last week when we decided to add Comfort to our family. Isn't that interesting?
That's our long, amazing story and the story isn't over yet. God still has mountains to move and we will try not to panic while we go along for the ride!


Laurel said...

Yea!!! Wow!!! Too Cool!!!

We are sooo .... excited for you. Can you tell?

Children's Hospital is AMAZING! We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the care our little Elijah got 3 years ago, in ICU.

Keep us posted!

Laurel :)

Samuel (and Parents) said...

I am so so so Happy for you. We too had felt we would be adopting a 3rd in addition to our boys and so when Lois posted about Comfort I read the story and asked is this our little girl? But I had this strong feeling that she belonged to another family. I felt so bad, because I wanted to help, but again I had this feeling that she belonged to somewhere else and not to worry. When Lois told me that you had found a Doctor for her I had this feeling you would be adopting her...and now to know that is true - is so incredible! The Lord really knows our families doesn't He!! I am so happy for you. I read the full story and have tears pouring down my face! She is beautiful. And what better family to place her with - a family who knows how to help her heart in more ways than one!!! I am so excited for you and will pray that things move so smoothly for you!!! Can't wait to hear updates!!!

Mark and Lanae said...

We are so excited!! It is so great to be part of what God is doing. If you have faith as a mustard seed you can say to that mountain MOVE from her to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you!!!!!!!! God is amazing.

SugarHouse Mama said...

Yeah! ok. So of course I already knew the story, but I love hearing it from you. It gives me chills and it makes me love God and his goodness. He truly knows all of us and our needs. He loves all his children so much - Comfort is proof of that.

Lois said...

I wish you could have heard the gut wrenching conversation I had with Kingsley that day. I told him Comfort had no chance of living, and we both wept. We knew we couldn't afford tests even if they were available. But God had a plan and you were listening. Your "mother" instincts kicked in immediately!
With great humility I say God is good!!!

Steve and Narda said...

That is such a wonderful story. I cried when I saw the story about Comfort on Lois' blog and wished there was something we could do. I am so happy for her and so humbled to know that God is watching out for His children at Luckyhill!

Jen said...


What a beautiful story. I got teary eyed reading it. I will keep Comfort in my prayers that she gets to the US as quickly as possible so she can get her surgery. That doctor is amazing. I loved the video.

I am so happy you have found your children..


starbuckseal said...

What an amazing testimony, Lanae! Tamarah told me a bit about your story, but I wanted to read more-she sent me here. Praise God for His goodness and timing. His timing is always just right!
I am praying for all of your family, near and far. I will be requesting regular updates ;)

Zindra said...

Thanks SO much for the update!
Still praying. Great to SEE God at work in your life.

Kristin Jag said...

WoW!!! Tears to my eyes and chills up and down my spine-God is so good!!! I still need to call you and talk. Do you still have my number?

Mark and Lanae said...

Hi Kristin! I don't have your number. Email it to me at
I heard you are getting your kids soon?

Ginny and Ben said...

Wow! I knew Comfort was being adopted, but I had never heard the inspiring circumstances. She is such a sweet girl - she deserves the medical help she needs, and it sounds like your many guardian angels have arranged that. I am excited for all three of your additions to come home...and hopefully soon!